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Company Profile

Pioneering the real estate industry since over three decades, Avanti Tenitary brings you the comfort of home. We believe that the essence of feeling ‘homely’ is sacred and why should you have to give that up while you are away! We make you feel at home by offering you a comfortable living on the go.

Whether you are seeking a leisurely place to crash during your stay in Delhi, or looking for a place to stay for a couple of months, we offer spaces that exclusively cater to your needs. Nestled in the heart of the capital, our properties are the perfect base to explore nightlife, best touristic experiences or just cozy in for some peace and quiet.

Our guests enjoy tranquility, privacy and all the spoils of a top class stay in our extraordinary accommodations. For the green conscious, we actively support sustainable living and are in the process incorporated utmost green measures in all our properties. We are your premium choice on the go.

Service Apartments

If you are looking for enhanced quality of life dipped in comfort, your search ends here.

Our ready to move-in service apartments bring you the top places to wake up to magnificent views, amidst sumptuous décor, spacious bedrooms and unmatched comfort.

We buzz right where you want to be with perfect accessibility to cafes, markets & nightlife - ideal for a long term rental. We tirelessly strive to provide our guests with all modern amenities- fully equipped kitchen, private lounge & living area within its beautiful premises encompassed with lush greenery and exquisite flora.

Bed & Breakfast

Blending the convenience of city life, and proximity to best eateries in the city, Our BnB offers a relaxing and memorable stay for business and leisure travelers alike.

Central, convenient, tranquil - different. The large living room extends outdoors to a terrace, a lush green lawn. The bedroom and ensuite on the main ground floor enjoy afternoon sun and a glimpse of the gorgeous garden whilst the upstairs bedrooms provides wider views of the skyline.

What will sweep you away is our indoor garden- bedazzling, enchanting & sustainable. Traipse into the world of magic, while we make sure our property is eco-friendly.


Avanti Health Retreat redefines the wellness holiday experience with a philosophy of creating an individual and outstanding aura for every guest. Nestled away from the stresses of modern life, you choose a variety of wellness objectives curated by our specialists. Sprinkled with comfortable stays that offer nutritious food, yoga, massage, and detox therapies, our guests unwind into weight loss programs, meditation sessions and wellness treatments. One example could be a mud therapy that replenishes and nourishes your skin with natural energies. In contrast, you could choose to concentrate on an intense fitness regime. Let the stunning landscape penetrate the senses while you rejuvenate in lush greens. Balance your mind, body, and soul with advanced holistic treatments and pamper yourself with utmost luxury. Feel the sensation of refreshment, relaxation, and revitalization.

We value the connection between personal and environmental wellness. From the local natural materials used in the eco-designed architecture, to the use of natural and organic products, we actively promote eco-sustainability.