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Service Apartment

Safdarjung enclave: GF- 800 sq ft

A cosy apartment that has the feel of the sunny tropical land. You can relax in the deep luxurious bath and indulge by sipping some wine while you unwind and spoil yourself. There is a huge garden to enjoy the sun and watch birds chirp in the magnificent lush green trees.

Safdarjung enclave FF- 800 sq ft

A distinctly modern ambience, our apartment with the garden view is exotic, lavish and interesting. As well as the lovely bedroom this suite has its own exclusive cosy lounge to enable you to enjoy real privacy. The balcony looks out directly into the natural green garden.

Safdarjung enclave SF- 500 sq ft

Our most popular apartment all year round. It is themed in a contemporary palette with a snuggly big bed. There is a huge rooftop terrace which is ideal to read a book under the sun on warm summer afternoon and barbeque on a frosty winter evening.

Vasant Vihar (A Block) Third floor- 900 sq ft

This magnificent apartment is spacious and decorated in contemporary decor and amenities . It has a large shower with fantastic views of the city. With utmost premium furniture, every guest feels just at home. A spacious bedroom accompanied by a minimalistic study is ideal for every business trip.

Vasant vihar (B block) GF- 500 sq ft

A singularly individual studio welcomes you into the scent of premium wood, a centrepiece kitchen, garlanded beautifully lit and textured decor. An enormous world in its own bringing you the comfort of your own home.

Vasant vihar (B block) FF- 500 sq ft

Subtle scents of modern design, vastness and atmospheric comfort blend into this studio apartment. Bringing you ultimate privacy, contemporary coziness and a real temptation to haul yourself into the sublimely comfortable beds. Its an ideal spot for you!

Vasant vihar (B block) SF- 600 sq ft

Featuring hand picked furniture, cozy linens & splending views of the skyline, this apartment is enough for the comfort of of two! Sun-trapped in summer & snuggly in winters, it is one’s own little paradise. While it’s yours, all you have to think of is homemade muesli or eggs with potatoes?

Vasant Vihar (C Block) Two bedroom independent house with garden

Refreshing views of the enormous, alluring garden through big glass windows, romantic decor & tranquil vibes, this apartment brings forward everything you need. While no amenity is overlooked, it is the perfect space to soak under the stars. Easily accommodates a cute family of four and memories that last a lifetime.

Vasant Vihar (D Block) Two bed room SF

This snuggly apartment has the feel of the sun-kissed, cheerful vibes. You can relax on the enormous balcony soaking in the city views or cozy in seeking the company and comfort of our warm interiors. Spoil yourself with a little bit of everything you need and lots of good vibes.

South Ex 2 GF- 1700 sq ft

Romantic is the only way to describe this urban living space, tucked between beautiful flowers and green passages. All bedrooms styled in decor inspired by modern designs - palette of pastel painted walls exposed to congenial furniture. Cook whenever you feel hunger pangs, just in a few hours it’ll feel just as yours. Comfort with a premium blend is what we offer.